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11+ Keystones of Individual, Business & Blog Design, or Why a No.1 Template Shop?

Have you ever wondered how many webpages, according to the statistics, there are online nowadays? The Google states that 3,000,000,000!

And, why 82.1% of website owners keep being in continuous state of niche template source exploration? It’s quite simple: each of them wants to stay current with all the changes in the web design & development world!

No wonder, as thousands of skillfully done applications emerge every day due to the latest technologies, trends & tendencies that never stand still.

But yes, all this knowledge is custom made for being shared with you, dear friends & business associates.

TemplateMonster & Its Premium Website Templates:

What’s the Nature of This ‘Beast’?

  1. TemplateMonster.com is a worldwide famous website, which generates and sells 100% customizable professional web templates for individual, business & blog design. The Company is globally known and recognized as the No.1 template provider over the Internet on a massive scale. If you are here is because you area staring with business check this great business ideas to make your business grow faster.
  2. TemplateMonster’s niche source was founded in 2002 by David Braun, who is still serving its CEO. These days, he has partnered with Microsoft & VideoSmash. TemplateMonster.com operates in the neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.
  3. TemplateMonster is proud to offer 50,000 or even more web templates for your special web project (individual, business & blog) – from WordPress Themes to Flash& Media – nothing is lacking for the individualized online resource creation.
  4. The name ‘TemplateMonster’ really stands for itself, being a true monster in size & variety, for both CM systems and plain HTML. More likely that you will find one dozen wanted templates than you won’t find a single template you have been looking for so long.
  5. TemplateMonster service is expanding in terms of internationalization and multiple platform support. Today, it operates the localized outlets not only in native English, but in German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Russian, Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese, being available in the most important global markets. That means they definitely do something right. What about 12 new templates & additions daily?
  6. The basic idea and noble mission promoted by TemplateMonster’s developers is in that everybody can erect a good-looking website on every possible platform. Whether you are looking for HTML/CSS templates, Joomla templates, Drupal templates, or E-commerce templates, they assist in getting a moving content, a responsive design, a social web layout, whatever – just check. More so, TemplateMonster sells business templates either for ‘kettles’ or for advanced developers, thus addressing everybody who’s design-involved.

Over 50, 000 Responsive Templates Do Exist:

You Name It, They Have Got It!

In the last years, TemplateMonster developed 50,000+ templates, of which nearly 10,000 were taken down for these or those reasons. Nowadays, about 30,000+ top-notch ones – individual, business & blog – are actually downloadable, among them:

  • 6,000 Flash templates.
  • 2,000 Bootstrap templates.
  • 12,000 HTML5 templates.
  • 500 Flat Design templates.
  • 2,000 WordPress themes.

An Algorithm of Finding

Web Page Templates to Your Taste:

5 TemplateMonster’s Know-How’s

  1. You can search freely: simply enter an appropriate phrase – more or less, like with Google (sport, wedding, tobacco, etc.). Next, add additional parameters and narrow down your results by type, for example, WordPress Themes. In fact, you can set as many specific features as you can, including a restricting color scheme.
  2. If you are not into such targeted searching, why not browse their site categories and just get lost in loads of hot web-designs?
  3. In case of any further assistance needed, you will be offered a Live Chat window advice. Keep in mind that you are never alone throughout the process, as a whole FAQ center helps with the answers.
  4. Let’s talk about money: a template purchase at TemplateMonster is going to be straight forward. First and foremost, you choose the template. Secondly, you click its preview image for the details. Thirdly, you move to the detail page and receive all the monetary and technical information. The template price starts with a reasonable cost of a single site license. That means you are allowed to buy and use the chosen templates under 100 USD on a single domain. Speaking of additional customization, it is available below the initial prices and shown at individual rates. However, if you are able to customize additional services (e.g. implementing the logo, changing the color, increasing the page content to more pages, adding the Admin section, etc.) by yourself, you are welcome. What’s also possible? Either hosted template or an exclusive license (Developer’s, Single Site, or Buyout) – both paid.
  5. README: All the premium web templates (for *individual, *business & *blog design) include those source files needed to create them. That said, you may customize the core design of a new template. Mind that the code quality of a template dated 2009 won’t be the top notch 2014; so, don’t expect for their lifetime themes.

Why TemplateMonster?

Unprecedented Scale Runs the World!

*TemplateMonster’s library of templates & designs is the biggest in the world. This source harbors the richest collection of pre-made designs & templates, styles & topics created by inspired industry experts and fitting any online project.

*TemplateMonster meets the growing needs of each Internet customer: a) a blog; b) a standard personal website; c) a turnkey website; d) a corporate design.

*TemplateMonster’s customization feature is time-saving, as people can launch overnight, exactly what they seek for within the adequate price range.

*Template Monster’s support to the hilt is a big thing: purchase a template, ask a question, and set up the website. They stand behind their products & services, in their strive to make every customer fully satisfied.

*Template Monster brand awareness proves perfect, either among customers or in the niche marketing industry. Over 1,500,000 clients have been already served due to over 50,000 designs served!

*The trade-mark template or design starts at $20-150, but it’s worth every cent. Download a Free Responsive Website Template to check this out!

*Template Monster products are well-documented and come with brief manuals for details (features& plugins), as well as for installation and customization of the template.

*Template Monster displays the templates in all modern browsers: Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer & Safari. Since May 2002, they have gone partners with Magento & Drupal, WordPress & PrestaShop, Joomla & WooCommerce. In a word, they are simplifying a website design and changing the online world for comers & goers.

*TemplateMonster.com is dedicated to special benefits of those hungry & thirsty for knowledge: Web Design, Responsive Development, Moving Content, E-Commerce, Facebook Layouts & Experimental Technology. Except web templates & their installation/customization/hosting, Search Engine Optimization & copywriting services are offered as well, all in one. An affordable template, which is optimized for SEO & speed performance, turns into a superb website edited on one’s own.

Create Your Own Website with MonsterTemplate™!

3 Timeless Values


A high quality design by MonsterTemplate™ costs from $20-1000: it depends. But in doing so, you needn’t hiring a good web designer.


A web page of similar quality purchased from some reputable web design studio will typically take 5-15 days for being made. With MonsterTemplate™, you are ready to launch your site overnight.


MonsterTemplate™ guarantees you an exclusive purchase at your request – you may be the last person who has bought this or that template. Forget about the same design met here and there over the Internet: you were born to stay unique!

  • Website HTML Templates make your website responsive hundred-per-cent for devices & screen resolutions by presenting super customizable & intelligent themes.
  • Facebook Themes are social-minded brand pages for the perfect company at your main website.
  • Photo Gallery Templates combine the abilities of a site builder, a photo catalogue & MotoCMS editor.
  • Newsletter Templates help to get the most people signed up for your newsletter.
  • CMS Templates unite WordPress Templates, Drupal Templates & Joomla Templates – either for the knowledgeable or those with prior experience.
  • Turnkey Website Templates are admin controlled, drag & drop themes to your taste.
  • E-Commerce Templates appear as flexible & optimal solutions to handle e-commerce stores and become advanced online merchants.
  • Flash & Media Templates demonstrate rich animation & Hollywood-quality effects that will attract maximum visitors to your website.
  • Corporate Design Templates are designed around a clear message of brand identity – conceptual inspiration.

Dear TemplateMonstrians, or those pretending to be such! The template is a must of every business that is operating online. This is innovation that drives your business day by day, particularly in web design & development. Pros think forward, so that there is one combination of breathtaking qualities born every minute.

You Name It, MonsterTemplate™ Has Got It!


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  1. I am looking for a jewelry template that has section showing diamond on a ring that user can rotate to see different angle of the diamond ring. Thanks.

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