Website promotion, SE optimization

Real traffic diagram of one of our clients
web site promotion

Types of SEO

SEO copywriting

Hosting influence on the website promotion

Regional website promotion

Geotargeting queries

Website promotion on your own

How to make a hyperlink and near-anchor text correctly

Recommendations – hosting, link exchanges

Types of search-engine promotion

There are several types of SEO promotion:

-white SEO

-black SEO

-grey SEO

-dumb SEO

-effective SEO

Website promotion services

Audition and analyze of the website

– Tag correction

– Website structure correction

Filling website with content

– Semantic core creation

– Keywords list creation

– Buying eternal links

– Creating a project in the link exchanges

Buying links in the exchanges

– Monitoring effectiveness

– Elimination of not effective donors

– Taking website to the top

Additional services

– elimination of competitors

– winding up traffic

– buying traffic

– web-site discrimination (ban by search-engines)

– taking domain out from the ban

– taking website out from the filters

– anything else…

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