Hosting and website promotion

Hosting influence on the website promotion

Let’s examine such a fundamental thing which is usually not considered during the website promotion as hosting. A lot of SEO-optimizers deprive this factor of attention and for nothing. Because with not properly chosen hosting for a project all website optimization efforts can easily come to nothing.If you read this article, you will get more information on website hosting with different designs.

So what demands should SEO-optimizer have to a hosting?

First is the uptime. A good hosting must have good uptime, If yours can not offer this, change to the wordpress hosting offered by scalahosting. Let’s imagine you have done website optimization work and waiting for a result. Google has updated it’s bases but there are still no results. Maybe it’s all because when Google bot came to your website to register all changes so that it could rank the website you optimize higher, the hosting was having troubles. So the bot came, but the hosting was down and so the website was unavailable. Accordingly, all the optimization was unnoticed by the search engine. That is why a hosting must be stable.

Secondly, a hosting should be trusted. For website optimizers ‘trust’ is the level of trust or authority of the hosting for the search engine. For example, you put your project to the hosting which attracted you because of it’s low prices. At the same time, these low prices will also attract a lot of other webmasters with low-quality projects – boring satellites, doorways and other search spam. And it is reasonable as it is economically unprofitable for these kinds of projects to buy more expensive hosting.

Trusted hosting for the search engine is a hosting with good white websites for people. That is why when optimizing and promoting your website take a look at your neighbors. If your neighbors are suspected you better change the hosting to the one of high quality (as s rule the services that are below the certain price can’t be of high quality even theoretically).

Also when you are going to put a website for promotion to some platform you should look at the hosting parameters like PR. If PR is lower than 5, you better not put important websites to such hosting. Let the hoster gain certain level of authority first. And after that you may put your project there. And start optimizing and promoting your website.

You may see the hosting we recommend at the recommendations page recommendations page.

The most important thing in the search engine website optimization and promotion is to pay attention to details!

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