How to make hyperlink correctly

Quality of promotion depends on the quality of links

A lot of webmasters and SEO-optimizers don’t want to take the trouble of doing proper seo link building. They do it whether due to their own incompetence or laziness – ‘Why should I do a high-quality website promotion when the client paid so little?’ – They think and have couldn`t-care-less attitude towards their work.

What a passage is from the SEO point of view

To understand how to make a hyperlink and near-anchor text correctly you need to know what a passage is.

Regarding promotion and development of websites a passage is an unseparated sequence of words.

Different search engines define passage borders differently. As a rule for Yahoo a passage is a separated sentence or a part of it up to 63 words long (with prepositions). In other words passages are non-intersecting blocks Yahoo divides webpage text into including link anchors.

What a correct anchor and near-anchor text should look like

A link must be a part of the finished sentence (a passage). A passage should be begin with a Capital letter and end with a dot, exclamation or question mark. As often you don’t know beforehand what other optimizers have devised in that very block write a word or a sentence starting with a capital letter in the beginning of the near-anchor text.

The example of correctly done hyperlink:

In this case even if there is an unfinished passage before your hyperlink the first word (VIP) will ‘merge’ with it and close. And your link will be considered in a new separate passage. The dot after the link closes the passage and guarantees that link won’t merge with the next sentence.

This little trick will let you have much more return from bought links.

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