Regional website promotion

Search engine promotion mistakes

In the modern world of total computerization and the global importance of the internet, many businessmen already know that the main task is not to make a website for business but to acquire making purchases target visitors to this website. Search engine optimization and website promotion are meant to do exactly this task.

However, it often happens that business doesn’t get the expected results despite spending quite large budgets to the website promotion. It seems like expensive links along with website submission to the high-quality catalogs are being bought and at first glance, everything possible for the website promotion is being done and still, the budget is vanishing into thin air and there is no effect to be seen.

Let’s look into the possible reasons for the non-effective promotion.

Today SEO often comes to a simple scheme – to cheat and bilk. The main thing is to find a client and make him pay. Then to buy expensive links and hope that there will be some results.

But even if the company is ‘honest’ poor SEO-analysis (or not even making it) can make website promotion something like using a sledgehammer to crack nuts. And it is right – why should one analyze and make any efforts when a customer pays for expensive mistakes so silly just because he doesn’t know the nicety of SEO (though he even shouldn’t know them to say the truth).

Let’s make an easy example to clear the situation.

Let’s imagine you have some regional business in NY for example and a website for this business accordingly. You found SEO-optimizers and defined them as a budget for promotion. It is already the third month, you keep spending budget steadily, but the website’s positions in the search engines almost don’t change. No visitors mean no sales. And SEO specialists only say something about the serious competitiveness and ask to increase the budget.

Search engine promotion in the regions

The development of search technologies led to the search engine results dependence not only on the user’s query but on his location also – i.e. it became regional. It means that Washington users will see one result and NY users others.

If the business range you have is not all over the USA you better promote your website only in the NY area. This kind of regional promotion makes a considerable profit.

Firstly, there are fewer competitors in NY (or none at all) than in the whole USA. And the higher competition is the tougher it is as the funds spent on this competition are bigger.

Secondly, visitors from your region will be the target when traffic from other regions won’t be the target and there will be no use from it.

It means that if your business is oriented to NY you need to promote your website in NY which is more profitable, faster, and easier to do. Your budget won’t be wasted on buying links from all the USA or international portals. And local webmasters may be ready to put your website to their hardly filled catalogs for free.

So when considering the particular qualities of the regional website promotion it is quite faster to get target visitors who easily turn into customers to the website. And it will cost lower.

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