Search engine website promotion on your own

A lot of website owners don’t trust SEO-optimizers and try to optimize their website on their own. Doing that they make a lot of mistakes, buy expensive links and just waste their money.

To say the truth, free website promotion is a myth. This way or another you spend resources. You may search for websites to sumbit a link there for free. And it seems like it is a completely free promotion. Bit time is money. Take into account the time you will spend on learning the SEO basics and search for the proper platforms to submit the links to. You may use your time much more effectively if you trust the search engine optimization and promotion to professionals.

However we will give some advices for those who want to promote their websites on their own.

Free website promotion guide

1) Create a semantic core – 5-6 keywords you want people to use to find you
2) Prepare your website by all means:
    a) Write correct meta tags and keywords for every page
    b) Write texts with main keywords by yourself or let a seo-copywriter do that for you
    c) Create robots.txt and a sitemap for full website indexation
    d) Delete or close non-unique content from indexation
    e) Delete all excess links from the website or close them from indexation
3) Thematic links exchange with subject-related websites.
4) Go to link exchange system and buy links from websites (of the same subject!!!) better from homepages to your own homepage and inner pages. We also recommend to read the article How to hyperlink correctly. The higher PR is the better link is.
5) Remember! Buying links and increasing their number should be gradual!!!

Website promotion on your own

We prepared a list of recommended systems for those who still want to promote their websites by themselves.

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