SEO copywriting

Writhing SEO articles and SEO texts

Copywriting is a quite wide notion. Firstly ‘copywriting’ stood for creation of ad-texts. In the info-business ‘copywriting’ is the ability to sell at the paper – ability to write selling texts.

In the internet copywriting is writing any unique author’s text. The opposite notion to it is rewriting which is retelling the existing text with your own words. These texts serve as content for filling websites.

What SEO copywriting is

SEO copywriting is writing SEO articles or SEO texts optimized for given keywords to increase the webpage’s relevance to the search query artificially. SEO texts are written for search engines in the first place. Search engine algorithms analyze these texts and depending on the density of included keywords relate these texts to that or another query. These texts are ranked higher by search engines which means more search traffic to the website. That’s why usually optimized articles cost more.

The main art of the SEO copywriter is to find the golden mean between SEO optimizing text for robots and it’s readability for common people. The keywords must be included in the text as naturally as possible keeping it’s naturalness if possible.

Learning how to write SEO text

Usually keys for optimization are given together with the task to write the SEO text. Let’s imagine that we don’t have keys but only a subject of the future article. What shall we do?

Firstly we should go to the keywords statistics page and enter the key query for the needed subject. We look at the statistics, copy the long keywords and also use the tip in the column ‘What else did people who searched for the keyword search for?’

Before writing this article I made exactly this work and found the following statistics of queries:

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Do not neglect low-frequency word combinations and don’t delete them thinking they are unimportant. If the subject is of high competition the main queries are usually the target of fierce competition too. When by mentioning a low-frequency query just one or two times in a text may make you the first in the search results! A dozen of articles written for different low-frequency queries will allow you to attract much more target visitors to your website than a dozen of the same articles adjusted to a high-frequency query that huge budgets compete for. Remember that about 80 % of search engines traffic is middle- and low-frequency queries!

Keywords density in the SEO text

So we have collected the keywords or keys. Already when collecting and analyzing keywords you may have gotten some ideas about the subjects for the SEO optimized article. Now you only have to place different keys into the text skillfully. You shouldn’t try to use all word combinations. Just look at them from time to time and your brain will generate you an idea how to make the phrase with this or that word combination. It’s also good and even necessary to modify the word combinations – to separate them, rephrase them and so on. It is also useful to mark the keywords out with STRONG, B, U, I tags.

The thing you should never do is to overload text with keywords. Text should look natural and seem natural while reading. If keywords density exceeds the limit search engines algorithms consider this overloaded text an attempt to cheat the system and therefore impose corresponding sanctions on it.

Titles of SEO articles

Based on it’s importance we should mention this subject separately. The title of SEO text should totally correspond to the text and even include keywords if possible. Sometimes it happens than including only one keyword in the title can bring the article to the first place in the search results ranking. When on TV a TV-show may be called DOM-2 and be a porno in reality, it’s all different in the internet. Search engine is a robot and it doesn’t understand neither metaphors not analogies.
That is why if your text is about copywriting your title should be appropriate (it can be seen by the example of this article).

Also try to put keyword combinations into subheadings. By default any title is much more valuable for the search engine than the main text is.

Learn SEO, write SEO articles, promote your websites to the top and the happiness will be with you!

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