Types of SEO

There are two types of search-engine optimization:

  1. On-page website optimization
  2. Off-site optimization

On-page website optimization

On-page website optimization is factors and characteristics of the website itself such as:
– Website name
– Website age
– Website architecture
– Number of pages
– Uniqueness and quality of the text
– Website richness with keywords
– Properly situated tags
– Page titles
– Availability of pictures and descriptions
– Inner re-linking
– Number, quality and ways of external links
– Properly made “robots.txt” and “.htaccess” files
– Availability of sitemap
– Design
– Attractiveness for the end user
and others

Off-site optimization

Off-site optimization is off-site factors according to which the search engine can draw conclusions about the website quality:

– Number of external links
– Subject area of external links
– Anchors of external links
– Availability of near-anchor text
– Location of external links
– Pages external links link to
– Donors quality
– Availability of the website in directories

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