Internet advertising

Holding advertising campaigns in the internet.

“Storm” format

You don’t go through the hassle of choosing the advertising method / formats and other.
You just tell us what effect you want to have from your company.
We accomplish it with optimal methods or with the complex of them.

Trust the advertisement to professionals.

Internet advertisement

– Choosing the advertising materials format
– Choosing the method of advertising: shows / clicks / duration and others
– Choosing the advertisement platforms
– Advertisement distribution
– Advertisement platform control

Context advertisement

We offer the full cycle of creation and support of advertising campaigns service in the following networks:, Google.Adwords, Begun and others.

– Determining company’s goals
– Semantic core creation
– Keywords selection
– Headings creation
– Advertising texts creation
– Adjusting company’s budget
– Targeting
– Tracing advertisement effectiveness
– Improvement / change of low-effective advertisements
– Additional works

As a result you get a flow of loyal clients, increasing number of orders and increase of profit accordingly.

Advertisement in the blogosphere

Blogosphere is getting more and more popular and is making a great impact not only on the virtual, but on the real life also.

Well-planned advertising campaign in blogs can:

– Make informational noise
– Create a stir around the desirable event / product
– Increase trust and loyalty
– Carry down information about new product
– Rouse the interest
– Create a flow of visitors to the website
– Rank up fast in search engines

We provide:
– Selection of advertising platforms (blogs)
– Choice of distribution methods: a post / an overview / a full review
– Task creation
– Tasks distribution
– Control of carried out works quality
– Report on the carried out work

Virus advertisement

– Virus advertisement idea generation
– Start platform creation
– Copywriting
– Launching virus advertisement
– Press-releases mailing-list (if necessary)
– Commentary / discussions support

Flyers distribution

The idea is simple – a person gets a flyer with the intriguing advertisement. He types in the address, comes to the website and makes an order / purchase.

This service includes:
– Format choice
– Design creation
– Copywriting
– Print order
– Selection of places for distribution
– Creating the portrait of target audience
– Hiring the promoting team
– Promoters work control
– Report on the carried out work

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