Advertising in Russia

If you want to promote your projects in Russia, you should use russian’s ADs systems.
The most popular russian search engine system is Yandex – Yandex.RU, for english speaking users it has a
The second popular search engine in Russia is
The third is

Yandex have it’s own PPC (pay per click) system – Yandex.Direct – And it is wery different from google’s Adwords system.

If you have good expierence in google adwords, it doesn’t mean, that you easy can start Advertise campaign in Yandex Direct system.

Let it do professionals!

We can create and tune up a PPC campaign for advertising in Russia in both systems – Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords.

So, if you have any projects, that need to be promoted in Russia, you can use our services to do it best!

Just mail us what advertising in Russia do you need, and we’ll make an offer you could not refuse ;)

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