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Have you already got a website template that looks virtually perfect, but does not meet your needs to the maximum? The good news is the template tweaking guru had everything figured for your professionally designed & fully functional websites. Meet & discover TEMPLATETUNING™!

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Have you already got a website template that looks virtually perfect, but does not meet your needs to the maximum? The good news is the template tweaking gurus had everything figured, especially for you – professionally designed & fully functional websites.

Website adaptation has never been so easy, comfy & exciting: make edits & alterations to any pre-existing website template! Professional tuning in the comfort of one’s home does exist – at just the right time and place.

The Service Provision For Customizing Websites since 2003

Why need for website customization, indeed? First and foremost, this may be caused by your business expansion, when the site requires more pages & other key elements. Top notch website design should respond with all the upgrades for being successful hundred-per-cent, But also if you want that your business grow fast you need to have must have payroll tips.

  1. TEMPLATE TUNING develops rapidly in the IT industry, keeping up to date, following the latest trends & holding on to high standards.
  2. TEMPLATE TUNING declared itself the web design guru in 2003. Since then it has been developing unique projects, offering endless customization solutions & providing high-grade 24/7 customer service.
  3. TEMPLATE TUNING is proud to gift you professionally designed & fully functional websites, as well as iPhone/iPad/Android app development.
  4. TEMPLATE TUNING invites to make a super deal and save on either website adaptation or all services.
  5. TEMPLATE TUNING presents a stark-contrast approach to your web design: open source, affordable, green.
  6. TEMPLATE TUNING provides all you need – a) web development; b) project management; c) media conversion; d) online marketing services.
  7. TEMPLATE TUNING can boast international clients, contractors & vendor partners, who are targeted to E-commerce, education, social services & publishing industries.

Web Template Adaptation:

How Does it All Work?

  • TemplateTuning™ Service customizes a professionally designed web template, so as to save their customers time & money.
  • They do it using a variety of world famous platforms including Drupal & Joomla, Magento & WordPress, Moodle and many more.
  • This design studio is a lifetime project of true pros, keen on template tweaking & website custom-fitting. Templates from any leading provider are to be their match & speed.
  • On your part – a website template selected from TemplateTuning™ collection. The team of qualified designers will take care of personalized template tuning for reasonable prices – on their part, as a result.

Template Purchase + Tuning = Your 100% Winning Game!

3 Essentials for Comers & Goers

To buy a tweak web template means to build your website from scratch without hiring a professional web designer. By the way, 82% of experienced specialists either keep using web templates to create most websites for the clients, or go on ‘stealing’ the hottest ideas through top template websites to add to their own projects. For example, they can use some web site templates as a base – their main layout design – but change the titles, logos, graphics, menu bar, color scheme, etc. to present a personalized page design.

To buy a tweak web template means not to just purchase but edit, by all means. Customization is inevitable nowadays for obvious reasons: 1) to fill in individual content; 2) to match flash/HTML coding and thus, individual website theme; 3) to stand apart from similar resources.

To buy a tweak web template means to never depend on hundreds of template websites you’ve bought your template from. You are free not to ask for help with your own template customization. Remember: web developers are not Internet marketers selling templates and doing no customization: they won’t redirect you to all those expensive template update services for commissions.

Template tweaking must never be underestimated! The online experts are willingly waiting for your template tuning & website adaptation to be completed according to your requirements. 

With TemplateTuning™, you HAVE IT All.


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